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Poker The Real Deal By Phil Gordon and Jonathan Grotenstein

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Like a secret society, poker has its own language and customs- its own governing logic and rules of etiquette that the uninitiated may find intimidating. Its a game of skill, and playing well depends on more than just a good hand or the ability to hide emotion. The first step toward developing a style of play worthy of the greats is learning to think like a poker player. In a game where there are no absolutes, mastering the basics is only the beginning: being able to pull off the strategy and theatrics is the difference between legendary wins and epic failure.

PHIL GORDON, co-host of Bravos Celebrity Poker Showdown, two-time World Poker Tour champion, and winner of more than one million dollars in tournament purses, has distilled his years of experience on the poker circuit into this page-turner for players of all skill levels. In addition to discussing the theory of the game and its colorful history, he and coauthor JONATHAN GROTENSTEIN provide insider tips on everything you need to know about the home game, online poker, card rooms, tournaments, and becoming a professional.Whether youre wondering how to avoid a bad beat and spot a tell or youre not sure what to wear, who to tip, and where to play, this comprehensive guide to the poker lifestyle has the answers.